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Halo Thar
Have locked my previous post as it is no longer an emergency and it had personally identifiable information. For anyone worried who can't see the original post anymore: It's all okay now.

So, apparently Apple released something?
Halo Thar
Why, halo thar LJ/DW land. Long time no post ... again. Still reading flist, etc. etc. Lots of wedding prep going on, etc. etc. Might post about that soon!

But anyway, I've been prompted to write an entry about the iPad. I kept tweeting my thoughts about it, but 140 characters is not enough to really say what I think. I also appreciate that many people don't care what I think about the iPad, or might care but are so overloaded with people talking about it that they don't anymore. So I will LJ cut.

My thoughts on the iPad,Collapse )

Wedding update coming soon!

This entry also posted at Dreamwidth here. Comment here or there, I don't mind which.

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Halo Thar
Went Christmas present shopping/browsing and ended up buying a 3 piece set of Global knives for myself instead.

Got home and promptly sliced my thumb open.


(Not that badly though, don't worry. Knife was so razor sharp it was more like a papercut.)

Oh dear, Blizzard.
I will have some fun wedding news to post soon! Actually, I've had it to post for awhile. I've just been too lazy to type it up.

In the meantime, have reisha and I ruminating on the fact that Blizzard has apparently sold out of a virtual item for WoW:

Me: Blizz has 'sold out' of the Pandaren pet.
Me: gg, blizz, only you could sell out of a VIRTUAL item
Kelry: how does that even
Me: they put in an arbitrary very high(tm) number as the stock count
Me: and of course
Me: they hit it
Kelry: is pixels!
Kelry: l2code
Me: yeah but their store system must require stock numbers XD
Me: it's not like they're software developers, we can't expect them to understand technical things
Kelry: i stand corrected
Me: wow isn't software
Me: it's MAGIC
Kelry: it runs on unicorns
Me: Charlie, chaaaaaarlie, chaaaaaaaaaaaaarlie.
Kelry: rofl

Sai - O_O

It is very important you all fill out this poll!

Okay, we've hammered out some wedding details. It will be on the weekend of June 19, 2010. Whether is it actually on the 19th or 20th has not been decided yet. We still have not hammered out a budget, a venue or an exact invite list.

We will also be having a party/celebration in DC the following weekend, likely on Saturday June 26th, 2010.

We are now trying to figure out a vague invite list. To that end it would be extremely helpful if everyone would fill out the poll below!

Poll #1450551 Very important wedding poll!

Would you like to come to the wedding in London on the weekend of June 19, 2010? Please say yes only if you think you could actually make it.


Would you like to come to a celebration in the DC area on the weekend of June 26th, 2010?


If you answered YES to both questions, would you be okay with only being invited to the DC celebration?

Not applicable!

Brits/Europeans, if you can come to the wedding but not DC, would you be okay with only being invited to the dinner/reception (ie, not the ceremony)?

Not applicable!

Anything else you think is important? Please tell me in the comments, they are screened and only Alex or I will read them.

Do do do dooo, do do do dooo ...
Autumn, Twombly
So, we have some news! Alex and I got engaged on our six-year (?!) anniversary last month and now, having shared it with the few people it had to be shared with first, are ready to tell you all! So, there it is, we're engaged!

We do know that the wedding/ceremony/tandem-sky-diving vows will happen in June, likely the weekend before or after the weekend of the 12th. It will almost certainly happen in the UK, and we have no idea at the moment whether or not there will be something in the US as well.

We have a lot of behind the scenes stuff - venue, invitations, etc - to figure out in the next month or so, as soon as we figure out a budget. There will be a poll of some sort to see who of you all is available to come over, once we have a date set. We will be sharing information with all of you as and when we decide things!

Whee! Engaged!

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Family Guy - Coffee
Work is being stressful. Blergh.

It would be better was actually getting paid, but as it is now I'm doing essentially a full time job (not just normal intern stuff) and not getting paid for it.

But it's still much better than sitting around at home doing nothing, and I am learning a lot. And it is generally quite fun, but also stressful. The manager I'm working for now is a bit crazy ... not in a bad way ... just in a way where everyone acknowledges that she is insane.

So, how is everyone?

Does anyone know anyone affected by H1N1/swine flu?
Halo Thar
I started an internship at a consumer think tank a few weeks ago! Hopefully it'll add enough depth to my CV to actually get a job somewhere off the back of it.

Anyway, I wanted to know, does anyone out there in LJland know anyone who's been directly affected or in contact with people who have had H1N1/Swine flu? This could be staff at schools that have closed due to students having it, nurses or staff in hospitals that have dealt with H1N1 patients, parents of children who've had it, or even simply the people themselves who have had it - anyone that has had any direct contact with the current pandemic.

If you do I'd really like to talk to them about it!

Their experiences would be a very valuable and important addition to an independent, unbiased report we're writing on the broad-ranging impact of an influenza pandemic, using this recent one as a case study. The report will focus on the personal and human effects of such a pandemic and as such anyone affected will be extremely important to our work. Anyone that we talk to would have complete anonymity, and their name or place of work would never be released to anyone. Talking to us could be done completely over email, or on the phone taking no longer than 10-20 minutes.

Ideally we're looking for people in Canada, the US and Mexico, but really anyone affected by swine flu anywhere in the world would be very valuable.

Please pass this around and see if anyone knows anyone like this, we need to have some people lined up by the middle of next week (interviews would happen in the few weeks after that).

Halo Thar
I'm not bitter about Jade. I'm not British for one, so I'm not entirely invested in her like a lot of people. She was technically brilliant, she was emotional, and it actually moved me a but. But it wasn't very Eurovision so fifth is very respectable. But of the other top four only Azerbaijan deserved it. The others were just carbon copies of other acts:

Turkey - Shakira.
I mean, I actually thought it was Shakira for a minute, and judging from twitter so did a LOT of other people.

Iceland - Taylor Swift
She wants to be Taylor sooooooo bad. So bad. Baaaaaaad.

Norway - Mickey Mouse Club
It was just ... terrible. It didn't deserve to win. It didn't deserve to be in the top 10. The music was boring and felt like some Alan Menken cast-off that wouldn't have been good enough for The Little Mermaid 17: Ariel's Granddaughter Marries an African-American Sea Turtle. The lyrics were like something a 15 year-old dork writes for a poetry assignment in English class, all fairy tale and perfect girl. Seriously, Alexander, if those are the kind of lyrics you think are good you need to lose your innocence and get raped against a brick wall by many burly men. And then to top it off you played a violin during the song. It was barely passable when New Kids On The Block did it and that was like 20 fucking years ago. Stop it, and die. Just die.

I voted for Portugal.

The Future of Me and The Interbutt
Halo Thar
TL;DR Version: I'm going to post more here. I've also started a Twitter. And a new Blog. They will all be different spaces for me. Read down if you care to hear more.

I've been thinking a lot lately about online identity. For someone who spends a rather large portion of my time online I have very little to point back to and show for it. Most of my online interactions with people happen over IM, or in Warcraft, or simply inside my own head, never leaving those arenas to a place of more permanence. It's got me to thinking what I use this LJ for. I look back and there was a point, many years ago, when I updated quite a lot. But every post of what is almost now the last four years has been very few and far between and has been prefaced with 'I'm still reading everyone's posts everyday, I just never seem to post ...'

It's true. A good portion of my online time is actually spent on Livejournal, reading my friends list and (very) occasionally even commenting on posts. I do engage with LJ but it's become very one-sided over time. This stems from me never wanting to make a post that some people wouldn't like. I don't want to post about Warcraft, because 75% of my friends won't give a fuck. I don't want to post about my random philosophical ideas because 75% of my friends won't give a fuck. I don't want to post about my life because I'm not sure if any of my friends will give a fuck. Of course, I know that some will, but the sentiment is still there.

I've thought a lot about what this LJ is, and what I want it to be. Most of my friends on it are either very old real life friends, or people I met through fandom or random LJ communities. As such I've made a decision about what I'm going to post here. I've decided to get the fuck over my insecurities or whatever the hell they are about posting random shit and just post. This LJ is going to be a place for me to post personal stuff, stuff about Warcraft, stuff about my life, shit that's happened to me and generally random stuff, many times with a geeky fandom flavor.

I've also now started a Twitter feed. This LJ is going to stay a very online interbutt sort of thing to me, something that will share my life only with those that share the sort of general internet view of the world. My Twitter, on the other hand, will be much more public, something I will give out to more recent real life friends, to random acquaintances, etc. As such Twitter and this LJ will be separate things and this is the only time I will link to my Twitter from here, and my Twitter will never mention this LJ, they are going remain separate spaces, even if some of the friends and content overlap. If you want to follow me on Twitter I am here. I won't be using LoudTwitter or anything else to ship them here, I find it obnoxious.

I'm also starting a new blog on blogger to discuss more of my ideas, stuff that I've never felt comfortable posting on LJ because they were of a totally different nature than the personal bent I want for my LJ. It can be found here. As of right now it only has a post explaining what it is, though I hope to have its first real post up later today, though it's looking increasingly like it won't be up until tomorrow. Like Twitter, my blog and my LJ will be separate and likely will never really reference each other. I'll probably cross-post my first real post to my LJ to give LJ friends an idea of what to expect if they decide to read my blog, but that will be the first, last and only time I will do that.

So, hopefully this will lead to more posting everywhere, a more permanent record of my online life, and a more social me.


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